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Mevotech has been revolutionizing the automotive aftermarket for years creating engineering innovations with technologically advanced automotive parts. Our Over-Built approach with X-Factor and LaborSaver is the core of our business.

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X-FactorTM enhanced parts are the core of Mevotech's Over-Built designs. X-Factor application specific upgrades such as sintered metal bearings, corrosion-resistant surface treatment, Over-Built forgings, and enhanced bushing designs, make Mevotech parts the best choice for aftermarket chassis parts.

Sintered Metal Bearings in Supreme and TTX Ball Joints

Mevotech uses sintered metal bearing technology on our X-Factor Over-Built designs which adds a layer of support for fatigued suspensions. Metal-to-metal technology is used in Over-Built Supreme and TTX to provide extra endurance and durability to get more life out of chassis parts.

Sintered Metal Bearings

Knurled Housing

Supreme and TTX’s Knurled Ball Joint Housing

Knurling is a series of ridges that bite into the suspension components they are installed into. Knurling provides a tighter grip between the connecting points, and helps to compensate for any distortion or any corrosion in the control arm or the knuckle when the Technician is installing the part. Knurling from Mevotech Supreme and TTX provides supplementary retention for aftermarket chassis repairs.

Larger Ball Joint Housing Flange on Supreme and TTX Ball Joints

Technicians can install Mevotech ball joints with confidence knowing they are often built with thicker flanges. The added material increases the stiffness and strength of the flange to prevent deformation during installation, and allows for a wide range of installation tools to be used. For Supreme and TTX, more material means more strength and durability.

Ball Joint Housing Flange Comparison

OEM / Mevotech

Supreme and TTX’s Circlip

The circlip provides supplementary retention to the knurled ball joint housing, securing it in place. Technicians can easily install the circlip with a set of snap ring pliers.

OEM vs. Mevotech Circlip

     OEM / Mevotech

Self-Sealing Grease Relief

Self-Sealing Grease Relief on Supreme and TTX

Mevotech's self-sealing grease relief is a one-way valve that lets excess grease out and prevents contamination from getting back into the ball joint.  As Technicians pump fresh lubrication in at the grease fitting, it flushes out the ball joint without breaking the seal between the boot and the ball stud. The self-sealing grease relief is found on Mevotech’s Supreme and TTX brand ball joints.

Over-Built Forgings on Supreme and TTX

As OEMs continue the trend towards light weighting, Mevotech puts heavy duty materials back into the forgings, stampings and castings of control arms for increased durability through.  Enhanced cross sections reduce flex, minimize loading on the ball joint and bushings, and prolong service life. Technicians can feel the difference with Mevotech's Supreme and TTX control arms featuring enhanced cross sections.   

Over-built Forgings

       OEM / Mevotech

OEM  /  Mevotech Bushings

      OEM / Mevotech

Enhanced Bushing Design

Bushings play an important role in ride quality and are designed to reduce vehicle noise vibration and harshness (NVH). OEM’s frequently use voids to tune their performance which can make the bushing susceptible to tearing.  Mevotech’s Supreme and TTX bushings are over built with increased strength, durability and more material.

Oversized Sphere Diameter in Supreme and TTX Ball Joints

For the Supreme and TTX brands, Mevotech designs oversized application specific ball stud systems. This includes optimizing the sphere size relative to the housing diameter. Using more material is an integral part of Mevotech’s Solution Oriented Engineering process.

Oversized Sphere

OEM / Mevotech



For the Technician, LaborSaver means fewer parts to manage, easier installation, and increased efficiency. LaborSaver parts are designed with the Technician in mind. Whether it’s extra components that make the installation job easier or tools that ensure that the job is completed correctly the first time. Your time is valuable, LaborSaver by Mevotech is a commitment to make your job easier.

Bootstaller Tool included in Supreme and TTX

Searching for that “right tool” to seat the boot wastes time. Using the wrong tool can damage the boot. Mevotech Engineers developed a seating tool to both protect the boot and save installation time on applications where re-seating the boot is necessary after insertion into the suspension knuckle.  Mevotech Supreme and TTX includes a Bootstaller seating tool at no extra charge in every application that requires one ensuring the job is completed quickly and correctly the first time.

Labor Saver Logo
 Mevotech Boot Diagram
Pre-Applied Thread Locking Adhesive

Pre-Applied Thread Locking Adhesive on Supreme Inner Tie Rods

Where applicable, Mevotech will pre-apply a high-strength dry thread adhesive that is activated when the threads are engaged. Applying thread lock can take extra time and is often overlooked.  Technicians know their Supreme and TTX repairs are sturdy and secure with pre-applied thread lock.​

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Rack and Pinion Boot Clamps Included in Inner Tie Rod Kits

When replacing the inner tie rods, the rack and pinion boot must be removed.  Often, this results in the clamps becoming damaged. Mevotech makes it easy for the Technician by including new clamps, in selected SKU’s with Supreme and TTX inner tie rods.

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Mevotech Tie Rod Kit
Instalation Adaptor Ring



Installation Adapters for TTX Small Flange Ball Joints

Mevotech installation adapter rings are designed for ball joints that have limited area on the flange and often only accept very specific tools when being pressed into the control arm. Mevotech's TTX installation adapter rings are custom designed for each application that requires one and are included in the box, at no additional charge.

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Re-Designed Press-Through Boots Specific for Tight-Fitting Applications

These ball joints are engineered with an application specific boot that incorporates a stream lined boot that is smaller in diameter than the ball joint housing, eliminating the need to remove the boot for installation.  This Supreme and TTX design allows the Technician to install the ball joint with a factory seal on the boot, making installations simpler and more efficient.​

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Mevotech Press through boot
Mevotech-Compression-bar demonstration

1. As the barrel nut is tightend on the bolt, the bushings are compressed between the washers.

2. The sleeve assists in aligning the bushings during instalation

Mevotech-Compression-bar demonstration

3. The barrel nut optimizes the compression of the bushings when the barrel nut contacts the washer.

4. The sleeve manages the compression of the bushings at the other end of the Link.

TTX Compression Stabilizer Links

Mevotech's TTX brand offers an Over-Built Optimized Compression Control (OCC) stabilizer link.  Designed with the Technician in mind, the OCC technology extends service life by preventing the over-compression of bushing. OCC stabilizer links from TTX are installed in three easy steps.

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Complete Control Arm Assemblies from Supreme and TTX

Mevotech control arms will come with the ball joint, mounting bracket, bushings, spring perch, etc. pre-assembled on the control arm, where OEMs and the competition will sell the components individually. Customers count on Mevotech to “think like a technician” and provide complete solutions on select Supreme and TTX control arm assemblies.​

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               OEM / Mevotech

Solutions Oriented Engineering

Mevotech Patents

Superior quality and Technician’s ease of use drives Mevotech innovation and were major contributors to Mevotech obtaining three U.S. patents.

Bimetallic Technology

Mevotech Engineers developed an innovative and patented solution for unitized aluminum control arms. Mevotech calls this “bimetallic technology”. It incorporates a unique method of integrating sintered metal bearings in an aluminum control arm.  This solution provides the Technician with a control arm that’s greaseable with an extended service life for their customers.  Bimetallic technology makes Mevotech the only destination for a unitized, greasable control arm assembly with sintered metal bearings on the market today.

Ball Joint Patents

Mevotech Engineers are constantly developing new and innovative ways to increase ball joint service life. These innovations have resulted in Mevotech obtaining two US patents.  These patents protect Mevotech’s innovative approach to limiting and controlling the axial play of the ball joint assembly. Mevotech’s enhanced ball joint reduces the stress of the components, maintains proper internal alignment, improves performance and significantly extends the lifecycle of the part.

Bimetal Patent

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